Why Are We Doing This?

We care about where our food comes from and, more specifically, the way the animals are raised.   We are avid foodies and demand a more interesting flavor profile from our food than what can be mass produced.  Nothing beats the taste of an ice cold glass of milk from our beautiful Oberhasli dairy goats or the flavor of melt-in-your-mouth tender lamb chops from our pasture-raised Tunis sheep.

The happiness and well-being of each and every one of our animals is our number one priority.  Our animals are raised on pasture and hay, with the dairy goats also receiving grain.  We always try natural and herbal remedies first for problems that arise but will use traditional remedies if needed.  We breed for parasite resistance, good mothering instincts, low inputs, fast growth and are working towards selecting for twinning in our Tunis flock.