Are you an adventurous eater? Do you love to cook and try new recipes or even create your own? Do you value the freshness and flavor of locally raised food?

We do too, and that’s how we got started in farming.

Moving around the US, Europe and Asia during Jon’s 21-year Army career, we were introduced to many different food cultures. We made a point of shopping at the local bakeries, butcher shops and cheese shops in Europe and with our local farmers and farmers markets in the US because the freshness and flavor of locally sourced food is unmatched by anything in the grocery store.

It was our dream to raise our own food when Jon retired from the Army. This wasn’t so far-fetched as we both grew up in rural Iowa, I on a small dairy farm and Jon in a rural community, so we had experience with farming, especially livestock.

We began to realize our dream when we bought a 60-acre farm in Tennessee. Our sheep are grass-fed, as nature intended, and we raise breeds that have proven to thrive on a grass diet and in the heat and humidity of the South. Our dairy goats are wonderful browsers and grazers and give us an abundance of rich and creamy milk.

Being adventurous eaters with a passion for cooking, you know our lamb is going to be tasty. And if you’ve never cooked lamb before, don’t worry, I love to share recipes!

We will have grass-fed lamb available in 2019. Click here to be among the first to know.