We started our registered Tunis flock with three ewes in 2016 and have since added a ram and five more ewes.  Our first  little cinnamon colored lambs were born in the spring of 2018 and we have been extremely impressed with the growth and hardiness of these babies.  Tennessee summers can be brutally hot and humid and the Tunis's ability to do well in our climate was one of the reasons we chose to raise them.  Our sheep are raised on pasture with supplemental hay in winter.  They have great parasite resistance and are efficient foragers, meaning very low inputs from us.  The two ram lambs we harvested have been incredibly delicious, very mild, tender and juicy.  We also sent 27 pounds of wool to an artisan fiber mill for processing into yarn that will be available soon in our Etsy shop or directly from our farm.

As we grow our flock, we are selecting for parasite resistance, good mothering, fast growth, beautiful fleece, and correct structure.  In 2019 we will offer freezer lamb and select breeding stock, as well as mill spun yarn and roving for sale.